Friday, June 5, 2009

Bing Decision engine-Old thing in new packet

Bing the new search engine the slogan Microsoft has give to it is decision engine is right but all the features were already available in MSN LIVE its just a new well marketed product THE BING from Microsoft, you can see the video itself in search engines it might be a interesting feature.all the best to Microsoft to compete Google as well as its a new target for seo guys in all over the world :)


  1. Wow!!!! Great News... Keep it up Ravi Sir.

  2. Nice information.... Keep us updated on this.



I found this fascinating quote today:

In a direct attack on Microsoft's Windows Operating System (OS), installed in over 90% of the worlds personal computers(PCs), rival Google has announced its own OS, Google Chrome, to be commercially available from the second half of 2010. Initially, Google Chrome OS will be for netbooks, the low-cost computersoptimised for internet surfing and other web applications.Raviseo, internet marketing seo-sem, Jul 2009

You should read the whole article.