Friday, June 12, 2009

Bing-No Sex For Indians

Last week, Microsoft has launched the search engine Bing. These last few launch from Microsoft was the biggest launch. Tech - Internet space in the rapidly growing demand for Microsoft is that in terms of not less than for a challenge ... to get Microsoft to beat Google is not easy .

However, Microsoft's search engine Google to bump it or not it will give just a few months, will be revealed. Well ... So much has been started. Bing at least at the beginning of Yahoo search is to a large extent collision. But ... it is important to know that so much commotion all about Bing.. is why ... what is - what's not in the bing

Even if Google's search engine market share grab bing ready to be landed in the field ... but Bing is not a search engine. Bing of the MS software giants' Decision engine 'can be said. But Microsoft says that Bing is not only a search engine but also an engine Decision that will help users to Decision.

This search service is a new kind of search. Bing results is in many Classified category. Look forward ... for Indians in what is bing? ...

Some interesting and amazing thing is that most of the Indians that is search term "sex" for any Bing result does not. But, if you tell it that you bing USA or any European country you are from, the Bing will get a lot many search on Results .

There, if myself or any Arab country, China, Hong Kong or Singapore, then tell your fortune with the House will not ... because Bing places to search for users on the sex will not result. Look forward ... ... features of Google compared to Bing

That's a good thing for users. Bing has many such features that Google offers, you will not get automatically. Instant ... for example experts on the page without the user clicks through the content page can see. In addition, in the sidebar related detail will search all.

Moreover, users easily Images homepage, shopping, and travel and can Related search. In this case, many have also review of these tabs are a great rating. Look forward to bing video ...

Bing was a hit as soon as the video is. And all credit goes to hit the video feature to the thumbnail.

But, experts Bing video on Internet Safety is a little worried. Bing, he believes the video ... because it is dangerous for children to navigate without being porn sites child can see porn videos easily. See what's in front of the Save and share Bing feature? ..

Bing and a feature like this which are not in any serious discussion ... and that is save and share features. this feature not only save the search history also allow user to refine the searches and above all user can save and share the searches.user can share the searches on face book also can email it.


  1. Thanks man, but Google will always rock.

  2. Hope to get more detailed information about this "Bing" I am intrigue.hehe.Thank yopu for posting this.



I found this fascinating quote today:

In a direct attack on Microsoft's Windows Operating System (OS), installed in over 90% of the worlds personal computers(PCs), rival Google has announced its own OS, Google Chrome, to be commercially available from the second half of 2010. Initially, Google Chrome OS will be for netbooks, the low-cost computersoptimised for internet surfing and other web applications.Raviseo, internet marketing seo-sem, Jul 2009

You should read the whole article.